SoonR Talk connects you to Skype via your cell


image_36060_largeimagefile SoonR Talk connects you to Skype via your cellIf you are a hopeless Skype addict, SoonR can help you use Skype on your regular mobile phone even when a computer or wireless network is nowhere to be found. SoonR Talk is a software package you load onto your computer. When you use your phone’s browser to access your home computer via the software, you can see your Skype buddy list and choose who you want to call. Your computer then dials your mobile using SkypeOut and connects to your buddy with a conference. You can connect to multiple users, too. SoonR Talk essentially turns your computer into a Skype switchboard when you are away.

Though the software is free and available for download, there are obviously costs involved. You have to pay both for the SkypeOut and the minutes on your phone, so this only really makes sense if you are a big fan of Skype.

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