Buy an FXX for $1.8 million. If Ferrari will let you.

image_35974_largeimagefile Buy an FXX for $1.8 million. If Ferrari will let you.Have an extra $1.8 million just sitting around burning a hole in your pocket? Why don’t you pick up a Ferrari FXX? It’s a very nasty machine which doesn’t even come close to being street legal. There are only 29 of the cars in existence, so you’ll be part of a pretty exclusive club. The carbon-fiber body houses a 6,262 cubic centimeter V12 which hits 800 horsepower at 8,500 R.P.M. The gearbox shifts in under 100 milliseconds, letting the car handle speeds exceeding 240 miles per hour.

You might have to work pretty hard to get your hands on an FXX. The cars aren’t available for retail purchase from Ferrari. All of the existing owners have been contacted by Ferrari and invited to purchase only after they have been extensively vetted by the company. All owners are made part of the Client Test Driver Club and are shown technical secrets about Ferraris that competitors would love to know. The car even comes with driving tips and training from Michael Schumacher.

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