Beta version of upated Windows CE now available


All the operating attention these days is focused on Windows Vista, but that’s not the only OS that Bill Gates and his army of clones are working on. A beta version of the new Windows CE will be available starting today. Windows CE is at the heart of Windows Mobile, the operating system that is at the heart of Microsoft’s efforts to dominate the smart phone segment. The Windows CE update, therefore, will lead to a Windows Mobile update. Both products should show up in consumer products by some time next year. Hopefully that will include an easier to use interface that requires fewer clicks than it does now and which makes it easier to find non-Windows applications on the phone.

Microsoft also sees other applications of the CE OS, including everything from gas pumps to TV recorders. The company will be more aggressively pursuing such opportunities with the new software in order to improve the size and profitability of the mobile piece of their business.

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