eo v7110 – a very thin UMPC

eo has unveiled their take on the UMPC, and it’s pretty thin. The v7110 is just 0.98-inches thick, in fact. The face measures 8.98 x 5.75-inches and the whole thing weighs just under 2 pounds with the battery pack included. It has 256MB of standard system memory, upgradeable to 1GB. The 40GB hard drive can be upgraded all the way to 160GB. The 7-inch wide angle view TFT LCD supports touch input. The lithium ion battery gives you 2.5 hours of life, though an extended battery is available giving you an extra hour and a half.

The system runs on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. When it comes to wireless, you can choose to connect using 802.11b or g, or Bluetooth for local applications. It comes with an AC adapter and a headphone/microphone combo. Besides the touch screen you can use a stick cursor to move around the screen. The v7110 starts at a base price of $899, though you can create your own configuration which will affect the price.

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