Volkswagen wants to help you fancy-up your Beetle


image_36170_largeimagefile Volkswagen wants to help you fancy-up your BeetleLooking for a way to dress up your New Beetle? Dying to look like you stole Barbie’s car as you cruise around town? Well, if you’re in Britain, you’re in luck. The appeal of the Beetle is apparently fading in the UK, so Volkswagen has unveiled “Beetle Art”, a series of vinyl graphics you can use to personalize your car. Initially, you can choose from four designs. There’s Mud Splats, which makes it look like you have been offroading through mud puddles (though no one will actually believe that you have because you’re driving a Beetle). You can choose Taking Flight, a bird theme, Chasing Rainbows, or you can go for It’s All Mine if you want to make sure people know how spoiled and possessive you are.

The art starts from about $85 for one panel or $370 for the whole car. It is guaranteed for 3 years, and could last up to 5 if you are careful. No word if they will be available anywhere other than the U.K.

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