BlackBerry makes server software free to small businesses


image_36254_largeimagefile BlackBerry makes server software free to small businessesBlackBerry server software has generally only been attractive to, and targeted at, large companies. In an effort to incrase their market and strengthen the Blackberry’s position, RIM is looking to change that with an aggressive move. They are making their BlackBerry server software available for free to small and medium sized businesses. The SME version functions the same as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1. It will be called BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, and will be available for free download for one user. Companies can purchase additional licenses for up to 14 users. Beyond that number of users, companies will need to purchase an electronic key to turn the software into a full version offering.

The savings will be noticeable for small companies. A full version of the software costs $1,099. The initial user of Express is free, and additional users cost $99 each.

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