This watch tells time on a graph

This watch tells time on a graph


image_36337_largeimagefile This watch tells time on a graphSome kids will never be able to read a traditional clock.

A mathematically exciting new product from TokyoFlash is a watch that can plot the time of day on a graph. The hour is the X axis, and the minute is the Y axis. (No word yet on whether seconds will be included, although that would probably have to include 3-D glasses.)

But wait, the Y axis has increments of five minutes. What if it’s 11:22? The Scope has you covered. A button that is independent of the graph has four quadrants that can light up with a red light to show minutes. If it’s 2 minutes past an increment, then two red lights light up.

Unlike other watches, which seem to work for themselves, this one waits for you to press a button before it shows you the time. That can be a bit disconcerting if you are in the habit—as most people are—of looking at the watch to see what time it is (without having to press a button, which seems counterintuitive). If you press the button again, you can see the month and day, again plotted on a graph.

You can get The Scope in gunmetal or silver for US$131.

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