Space Cube micro PC is super small

image_36339_largeimagefile Space Cube micro PC is super smallThink you have a small little PC that hardly takes up any space on your desktop? You haven’t seen anything yet. I haven’t seen your PC, but I know that the Space Cube is much smaller. Being one of the smallest PCs around, it measures just 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches. You’d think something that small would only be a novelty, but this thing is actually surprisingly usable for its size (OK, it’s still a novelty, but a semi-useful one at least). It has a 300MHz CPU and 64MB of SDRAM. It also has flash memory, USB, Ethernet, a monitor port, space wire, a serial connection, and even a microphone.

The ultra-micro PC runs on Atom Linux. It was made by Japanese maker Shimafuji. I’m not sure why you would want one or what you would do with it, but if size really does matter to you, this might be what you are looking for. No word on availability or what it will cost, but my guess is that the price will be much bigger than the computer.

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