V-Gear MobiTV USB stick for global audiences

image_36567_largeimagefile V-Gear MobiTV USB stick for global audiencesWe’ve seen lots of USB TV tuners over the last several months, so the concept is nothing new. What makes the V-Gear MobiTV Global stand out from the crowd a bit, though, is its versatility. It will let you watch TV on your computer pretty much anywhere in the world. That because it isn’t bound to one particular format. It can receive TV/VHF/UHF/CATV/NTSC/PAL. You can even use it to record TV in MPEG2. That’s a lot of capabilities packed into a dongle that weighs just 25 grams.

The V-Gear MobiTV Global ships with the software you need to use it and a remote for simple use. You can have it all for about $100. It appears that it will be released initially in Japan, but there is no good reason, obviously, for it not to spread around the world relatively quickly. It’s a handy and versatile solution at a reasonable price.

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