Ultimate gas in the UK sells for $16 a gallon


Feel like your paying too much for gas these days? How would $16 a gallon strike you? If you live in the UK, that’s just what you can pay if you want some extra power. BP has launched a new premium (obviously) fuel brand called BP Ultimate. Ultimate 102 has an octane rating, not surprisingly, of 102. It is made in limited quantities at the BP Specialty Fuels Technology Centre, using the same basic techniques used to make Formula 1 fuel. It will cost about $20 per gallon in the UK, which is just over $16 in American gallons.

Why pay that much? Well, to simplify it, higher octane essentially means more power. When you drive a VW Rabbit that doesn’t matter much, but your Porsche or Ferrari will love the extra kick. The Ultimate 102 provides between 4% and 7.5% more power than Ultimate 97 does. And if you drive a car like that, does the price of your fuel really matter?

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