Matsushita unveils ‘waterproof’ laptop

Matsushita unveils ‘waterproof’ laptop


image_36703_largeimagefile Matsushita unveils 'waterproof' laptopA new set of laptops coming out from Matsushita, the makers of Panasonic, will allow us to relax a bit more when someone careless (never ourselves) is drinking water around our computer. The CF-Y5, CF-W5, CF-T5 and CF-R5 are the four models that can withstand your spills, this is done by a waterproof sheet and a specially-designed drainage system so that any spilled water can’t reach the hard drive or the circuit board.

The water protection isn’t the only abuse-resistance that these computers have on board. Because the Japanese subways are so crowded and things can get bumped into or crushed in the mess of humanity, the CF series are designed to withstand forces up to 220 lbs. The notebooks will be available in Japan starting on May 19 and will cost locally for about US $2,300. Inner specifications range from a 1.5GHz Core Duo L2300 with 1GB of RAM, to a 1.06GHz Core Solo U1300.

image_36703_superimage Matsushita unveils 'waterproof' laptop

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