Crossbow will replace Windows Mobile 5.0, eventually

Microsoft is staying true to form by announcing a new OS and giving it a catchy code name long before we will ever see its release (Chicago, Bob, Vista). The company has announced that the eventual replacement for Windows Mobile 5.0 will be called Crossbow. It will be looking to deliver a death blow to rivals Symbian and the BlackBerry OS. Crossbow will include instant messaging thanks to a new mobile version of Office Communicator, the enterprise communications platform from Office 2007. It will also be closely linked to other aspects of Office 2007 and Exchange 12.

The fact that it has been announced has little to do with when it will eventually be seen. Once it is developed, mobile operators will have to make sure that it works with their systems. That process takes 6 to 12 months, as it has for the push e-mail capabilities of Windows Mobile 5.0.

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