BenQ struggles to restructure, posts loss

BenQ was expected to post a loss for this quarter, but they weren’t expected to lose this much. The company, which is the top maker of mobile phones and computers in Taiwan, lost $155 million in the first quarter, down substantially from a small profit a year earlier. Expectations were closer to $120 million. Though dismal, the results were an improvement over last quarter, when the company lost more than $180 million. The problems are due in large part to growing pains caused by restructuring needed after the company took over the mobile phones unit of Siemens. The worst of that transition should now be over.

The company shipped 7 million handsets in the quarter. That number is expected to improve by 30% next quarter. Average selling prices are also expected to grow by 10%. The company will look to improve their market share. After the Siemens mobile acquisition the company is the sixth biggest phone maker in the world.

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