TV-GPS provides better navigation indoors and downtown


image_36991_largeimagefile TV-GPS provides better navigation indoors and downtownAnyone who relies on GPS a lot knows that reception can be pretty lousy inside and even in downtown areas with lots of buildings. Rosum Corporation out of Redwood City, California has come up with what they hope will be an ideal solution. Instead of relying on the navigational satellite signals that are hard to find sometimes, TV-GPS instead triangulates using television signals. Those signals are as much as 2,000 times stronger than the GPS signals. Plus, with more than 2,800 TV antennas focused mainly in the urban areas where GPS doesn’t work well, the company has an ideal infrastructure to take advantage of. They don’t need to make a huge investment to make their concept work. That gives them a jump over other, more complex solutions.

Rosum is working with manufacturers to get their chips into a wide range of commercial and personal devices. No precise word is available, though, on just when we will see them.

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