Major League Gaming coming to TV and Boost Mobile


image_37079_largeimagefile Major League Gaming coming to TV and Boost MobileHardcore gaming geeks have new options for getting their gaming fix. When they aren’t busy playing games or watching their friends play games, they will soon be able to watch people who are much better than them at video games play games. Major League Gaming, the first professional gaming league, is coming to USA Network and Boost Mobile. USA will be broadcast 7 one hour episodes during next winter’s holiday season. If you can’t be home for those broadcasts you can catch them on Boost Mobile phones as well.

MLG will be hosting seven tournaments across the U.S. this year with price money of more than $800,000. Sites will include New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. The playoffs will be in Chicago and the National Championships will hit Las Vegas. Players will play Halo 2 and other games that suitably test the skills of the players. The CEO of the MLG argues that gaming is more of a sport than golf because it requires more physical activity.

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