i-Home iH5 turns your iPod into an alarm clock

Sure, it’s yet another iPod docking station, but before you tune out check this out. It’s actually a little bit unique. The iH5 from i-Home isn’t just a docking station, it’s also an alarm clock. That means you can slap your iPod in as you get into bed and fall asleep to your chosen tunes. Come morning, you will also be serenaded out of sleep by those same tunes. Not only that, but your iPod charges while you sleep, so it is ready to go when you are. There’s even a remote control. I guess that means you don’t have to roll over to turn it off, or more likely it is so that you can use it as a stereo through the day.

Sound comes via two 3W speakers. That means it won’t blow the paint off the walls, but it will work fine for a smallish room. It is powered via a wall plug, but it also features two AAA batteries for emergency backup when the power goes out. The iH5 is apparently available in the U.S. already.

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