ESPN Mobile MVP handset now affordable, but on its way out?

When ESPN Mobile launched back in February, we got all excited about the ability to watch video clips and keep up to the minute with our favourite sports teams, only to find out that the MVNO’s only handset, the Sanyo MVP, was a whooping $499. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the provider is lowering the price on its phone to a more reasonable $99.

The service plans are remaining unchanged, however, so you’ll still need to plunk down $35 a month for the basic 100 minute plan, but that does include 35MB of mobile data to catch scores, highlights, and all that.

That said, there are rumblings that although the Sanyo 9000 (MVP) has only been offered by ESPN Mobile for a mere couple of months, it could be on its way out because it’s being advertised as “while supplies last.” It will be nice to have some more selection – a new handset is rumoured to be launching as early as June – but that doesn’t mean they should shut the door on the MVP already, does it?

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