E-Ten G500 GPS smartphone shows up on FCC website


image_37320_largeimagefile E-Ten G500 GPS smartphone shows up on FCC websiteWe first heard about the G500 GPS phone from E-Ten back in January, but now there is a vague possibility that the hot Pocket PC phone could be heading our way, because it has made an official appearance on the FCC’s website.

Running on Windows Mobile 5.0, this quad-band GSM phone comes with a 65k color TFT touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, 128 MB flash ROM, 64MB SD RAM, and is powered by a S3C2400 400MHz Samsung processor. Of course, most notable of its feature list is the SiRFStarIII GPS receiver.

We have no way of knowing when (and if) this will ever come to the American (or Canadian, fingers crossed) market, nor do we know how much it will cost should that ever happen. But being on the FCC site is a good indicator that they are talking to someone over here.

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