Hyundai rolls out coupe-wagon mix

Hyundai rolls out coupe-wagon mix


image_37580_largeimagefile Hyundai rolls out coupe-wagon mixWhen is a wagon not a wagon? When it’s a coupe.

That describes the Genus, a hybrid in form, not fuel. It’s a wagon and a coupe, and it’s ready for you if your wallet is ready.

With this medium-sized coupe-wagon, you get a 2.2-liter Common-Rail Diesel engine that powers a 5-gear, four-wheel drive automatic transmission. A back hatch can be lifted to create a bench seat, for outside seating. You can also use the included sliding deck to store your bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, or other modes of self-propelled transportation.

You’ll also get all the roominess and comfort of a wagon without sacrificing the sportiness and sleekness of a coupe. That sunroof is kind of a coupe giveaway, anyway.

The Genus made the rounds at the Geneva Motor Show a few weeks ago, and it’s now available for purchase.

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