A team of ex-Ford employs create the GDT Speedster


image_37778_largeimagefile A team of ex-Ford employs create the GDT SpeedsterIt took them 5 years to build it, but the engineers of GDT have built one heck of a car. GDT, or Gene Dickirson Team, is made up by Dickirson and a team of 8 other ex-Ford engineers and auto industry veterans. The GDT Speedster uses the complete LT1 engine at 300 horsepower, drivetrain and main suspension components of a donated 1994 Corvette. Other than that, the team and its subcontractors designed and built every part of the car. It was built as a design and engineering exercise where the team members weren’t held back by the bureaucracy of a huge company.

The car doesn’t just look good. It performs, too. It goes 0-60 in 5.7 seconds and tops out at 170 mph. Want it? There has only been one car made by GDT, but it will be available by auction on their website later this year. The team plans to make more cars, too.

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