Sprint to sell EV-DO to Wi-Fi router and EV-DO USB dongle


image_37827_largeimagefile Sprint to sell EV-DO to Wi-Fi router and EV-DO USB dongleSprint is rapidly building their EV-DO network nationwide in an attempt to have the widest area and fastest data network out there. They plan to have 190 million people within range of EV-DO service by the end of the year. As part of their market share grab, they have taken the somewhat surprising step of selling a Linksys EV-DO to Wi-Fi router and the less surprising step of selling a USB EV-DO dongle.

With the router any Sprint EV-DO card can be turned into an 802.11g local area network. The USB dongle will allow users that don’t have a PC Card slot to still access EV-DO service.

The router is surprising because the big providers haven’t been keen on letting people share a single EV-DO network up to this point. Kyocera and others have made such a router, though, so Sprint is likely getting a piece of the inevitable action. According to Sprint the router will cost about $200 and won’t require any change to existing EV-DO subscriptions. Currently those subscriptions costs $59.99/month for unlimited data, or $79.99 if you don’t have a Sprint mobile phone.

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