Hitachi’s 1TB HD recorder: 2 hi-def shows at once


image_38021_largeimagefile Hitachi's 1TB HD recorder: 2 hi-def shows at onceHitachi has released a group of new HDD/DVD recorders, including the first such device that can record and store 1TB of information. That’s 128 hours of hi-def TV.

The four models are the latest in the “Wooo” series, which debuted last year and also includes digital televisions. The model names are the key. The top of the line, the 1TB model, is the DV-DH1000D. The other models are the DH160D, the DH250D, and the DH500D.

They record in various media, including the Japanese HD format Hi-Vision, and are capable of recording two high-definition programs at the same time. Also of note is the 110 degree CS digital tuner.

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