Navman unveils new GPS devices, Web service

Navman unveils new GPS devices, Web service


image_38232_largeimagefile Navman unveils new GPS devices, Web serviceNavman has released three new GPS units today, but the big news from the company is NavPix, a Web-based navigation-by-picture service.

First things first:

The iCN750 starts with a 4-inch 480×272 touch-screen display, a 4GB storage disk, a fold-out antenna, and a 1.3 megapixel rear-mounted shooter, which you can use to take snapshots of various locations and upload them to NavPix.

The iCN720 is a scaled-down model of the iCN750, sporting the touch screen but missing the camera and the storage disk. It does have a SD/MMC slot, though.

The iCN530 has a touch-screen display, but it’s smaller, 3.5 inches and 320×240. The antenna on this model is internal, and the chipset is of an older generation.

Now, about NavPix: You can use both ways, for uploading and for downloading. Say you want to get to a nearby location but you don’t know quite how to go. So you log on to NavPix, download a virtual image of your destination to your Navman, and then the handy device will plot a course for you. Nifty, huh?

The iCN530 will be available in April; the other two will be on sale in May.

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