Samsung S4300 – small but functional MP3 phone


image_38599_largeimagefile Samsung S4300 - small but functional MP3 phoneSaying that there is another new Samsung phone is like saying that the sun came up this morning. That being said, the new Samsung S4300 is a slick looking little unit with a fairly unique form factor. It’s called a Flick and Swing design and Samsung is calling it a joy stick.. When it is closed, it looks like a nice, small MP3 player with dedicated MP3 controls and 1GB of capacity for all your tunes. If you run out of songs you want to listen to, it also has an FM tuner. You can watch video with the video player, too, though the 128 x 200 pixel screen might not show it off fully. It also has a 1.3 megapixel camera.

When you flick it open the keypad is revealed. That means that you can have a pleasingly small phone that is still usable when you want to talk on it. It measures 86 x 49 x 21 mm. No word on cost or availability.

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