Mission Impossible 3 game going direct to mobile


Mission Impossible 3 hits the theatres this summer. If you’re a gamer you’ll probably want to play the game as well. But you had better be mobile, because Paramount Pictures is skipping the console market and rolling the game out over 150 mobile carriers at the same time as the movie is released. Mobile gaming giant Gameloft will be making and releasing the game. The company has a multi-year license for the movie, so they will likely release several versions of the game if the first one is a success. The first offering will be a 2D game that will follow the plot of the movie.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened for Paramount, Gameloft or Cruise. A similar approach was taken last summer for War of the Worlds. Gameloft has been increasingly active in the world of Hollywood. They released a mobile game based on King Kong and have one based on The O.C. on the way.

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