Centrix MVP-150 PMP focuses on GPS, plays virtually anything

Centrix MVP-150 PMP focuses on GPS, plays virtually anything


Although Centrix is officially marketing its MVP-150 personal media player primarily for its navigational (GPS) functionality, its movie-tainment value cannot easily be dismissed. Based on the Windows CE platform, this juicy little successor to the MVP-100 we looked at last year will take just about anything you direct its way.

In the video department, the MVP-150 will take on MP1, MP4, DivX, XviD, AVI, ASF and WMV7/8/9, and in the audio department, you can turn to MP2/3, WMA, AC3, ASF and (ADPCM/PCM) WAV. Unfortunately, there are a few acronyms that are notably missing, like RM, MOV, and OGG, but hey, Centrix has done an exceptional job with the level of support their PMP has.

The 4-inch WQVGA (480 x 272) screen is pretty standard issue, as is the battery life at 4 hours of video or 10 hours of audio. This thing is a little beefy, however, at 305 grams.

The Centrix MVP-150 is currently available, but look for the manufacturer to start providing them OEM to someone like Mpio or MobiBLU in the future.

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