Philips SRU9600 remote has touchscreen LCD

image_39161_largeimagefile Philips SRU9600 remote has touchscreen LCDIf you thought that Logitech was the only groovy remote control maker in town, think again. Philips has jumped into the high-tech wireless channel changer market, their device features a touch-sensitive LCD display, complete with buttons that light up to highlight specific functions.

The Philips SRU9600 is the latest in the company’s Pronto line of universal 8-in-1 remotes. Perfect for your home theatre, this device is incredibly thin with its iPod-like design. In fact, there’s even a “built-in ‘iPod-esque’ rotary controller that makes navigating the various setup menus a breeze.” But of course, what will catch you eye is the large, full color, fully customizable, touch-sensitive screen. You can even design your own buttons in PhotoShop.

The going price is 99 Euros or about $120 USD for the Philips SRU9600, which should start shipping soon. Of course, you could just as easily pick up a bargain basement universal remote, but by the same accord, you could pick up a bargain basement incredibly basic cell phone too, right?

Michael Kwan

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