Google, Volkswagen and nVidia team up for navigation system


image_39166_largeimagefile Google, Volkswagen and nVidia team up for navigation systemGoogle is developing yet another way to be involved with every part of your life. This time they are working with Volkswagen and nVidia, the graphics card maker, to create a navigation system that uses Google Earth to create 3D images of the route you are driving.

The navigation system can connect online and get traffic and weather data to help you get around as effectively as you possible. The touchscreen will make it easy to use.

The three companies have been working together since October of 2005. They showed off a first prototype at CES in January and new pictures are emerging now. The system is still in development at Volkswagen’s Electronics Laboratory in Palo Alto, California. There is no word yet on when it will be commercially available but if it comes with the VW EOS it could be as soon as this summer.

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