Filsaver PC-Card scares off laptop thieves


image_39140_largeimagefile Filsaver PC-Card scares off laptop thievesIf you’re going to be paranoid, you might as well drive the people around you crazy, too. That must be the philosophy behind the Filsaver PC-Card from Kukuyo. It’s like an annoying car alarm for your laptop. You stick it in your PCMCIA slot. When someone tries to move your computer, it screams. Not just a cute little moan to let the thief know that it is protected. We are talking about 110 decibels of ear shattering, mind numbing noise streaming through your computer’s speakers.

This will, of course, scare off any thieves who try to steal your laptop in public, but it raises some problems. First, how stupid will you feel when you forget to take it out or turn it off or whatever you do and it starts screaming when you head home. Second, if I grabbed something and it started screaming, my reaction (unless it was a child) would be to drop it. Dropping a laptop isn’t good for it. I don’t want someone to steal my laptop, but I don’t want it dropped, either. Maybe I just won’t leave it alone in public.

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