$3,100 Ultrasone Edition 7 headphones


image_39217_largeimagefile $3,100 Ultrasone Edition 7 headphonesIf you have a load of cash laying around and are a fan of really, really good sound, then you might want to check out Ultrasone’s Edition 7 luxury headphones. They are very high end headphones that are individually serial numbered from 1 to just 999, so chances are very good that the guy sitting beside you on the bus, or private jet, likely won’t have a pair. The inside of the headphone are handcrafted from Ethiopian sheep hair leather and titanium-plated mylar is used throughout. Each set comes in its own polished wooden case to keep them safe and looking good even when you aren’t using them.

The specific performance specifications of these headphones aren’t immediately available, but I am fairly sure that they must be very, very impressive. Why? Well, they cost $3,100 a set and Ethiopian sheep hair leather can’t be worth all that much on its own.

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