Memdrive USB Memory Stick data speed nearly exhausts USB 2.0 standard

News from the CeBIT floor is pouring in now, and here’s another tidbit for you to chew on. USB memory sticks have become incredibly popular, not only for their ultra portability, but also their reasonably fast transfer rates. Well, Memory Solutions has unleashed its Memdrive Premium edition thumb drives that are capable of reading data at over 30 megabytes per second.

The USB 2.0 standard seems to max out at about 35 MB/s, so this handy storage device is getting awful close to exhausting the interface. Maybe, we’re getting closer to the day where we’ll be talking about USB 3.0, and shortly after we’ll hear of another portable memory device that can exhaust its transfer rate. In the meantime, you’ll have to be satisfied with the German company’s ultra-fast USB memory stick, presumably available in capacities of up to 8 gigabytes.

We’re hearing that the Memdrive Premium edition thumb drives will be hitting the market this June, but they have yet to confirm prices.

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