Fujitsu laptops learn to do palm reading


image_39328_largeimagefile Fujitsu laptops learn to do palm readingPasswords, encryption, and things of that ilk are far too easily bypassed or hacked into, and that is why biometric technology is starting to make huge strides into becoming more mainstream. We’ve already seen USB thumb drives that need to read your fingerprint before becoming “unlocked”, and other devices are starting to sport iris-reading cameras, and now our friends over at Fujitsu have implemented yet another method of personalized authentication: palm reading.

No, they haven’t turned to tarot cards or anything like that. Rather, a line of notebook computers will now be carrying a 35 x 35 x 17mm version of the company’s PalmSecure biometrics system, designed to read the veins in your hand. Of course, there will always be a few kinks that will need to be worked out. Like what about the germ freak who wears latex gloves everywhere he goes? Will the PalmSecure system be able to scan through the covering, or will he — gasp — have to take off his gloves?

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