A treo of wireless headsets from GN Netcom

A treo of wireless headsets from GN Netcom


image_39352_largeimagefile A treo of wireless headsets from GN NetcomGN Netcom at CEBit has come out with three new wireless headsets aimed at business professionals.

The Danish company has announced the GN 9350 and two versions of the GN9330. One version of the GN9330 is made for desk phones; the other version is for PC-based VoIP calls.

The GN 9350 combines functionality of both GN9330 versions. Its dual functionality automatically switches itself to either land-based or VoIP mode. You also get superior wideband audio performance and digital signal processing, along with a noise-canceling microphone and digital security encryption.

All three headsets are plug and play, so you don’t have to spend valuable time leafing through a lengthy user manual. All are available now, through European distributors. The GN 9330 models have price tags of 269 Euros. The GN 9350 will sell for 369 Euros.

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