Get movie tickets on your cell phone


image_39495_largeimagefile Get movie tickets on your cell phoneDon’t you hate it when you’re on a night on the town, and heading to your favourite multiplex to watch the latest Tom Hanks flick only to find out it’s either sold out, or there’s a humungous snaking line to first buy the tickets and then another to actually get into the auditorium? That’s why online movie ticket sales have been increasing in popularity, but what about when you’re away from your home computer? After all, many of these services require you to print out e-tickets.

Well, now it seems you can just as easily get your movie tickets from your cell phone if you happen to be on the move; Fandango Wireless has officially launched the service for Sprint Nextel subscribers. Using your handset’s web browser, you hop onto the Fandango Wireless portal, look up your movie, showtimes, and locations, and then you are sent a “virtual ticket”.

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