Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 is just a PDA


image_39575_largeimagefile Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 is just a PDAIs it just me, or does this thing seem huge? The Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 is a new Linux powered PDA that doesn’t measure big, but looks like it would be a brick in your pocket. It’s 124 x 87 x 25 mm and it weighs 298 grams, or about 10.5 ounces. It has a 6GB hard drive, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. A 416MHz Intel CPU powers the whole shows. You can complement the storage and easily transfer files with the CF/SD memory card slot, the USB port or the IRDA connectivity. The QWERTY keyboard is a nice touch.

Sharp will let you buy one of your own on March 17 as long as you have $640 burning a hole in your pocket. One question – who is the market for this thing? It’s pretty big and not very cheap and it doesn’t have a camera or a phone. Anyone who carries this will have a phone, too, so why wouldn’t they just buy a smartphone that is smaller and more functional and save some money while they’re at it?

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