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Nano Paint blocks wireless signals

Here’s a product I want all the movie theatres of the world to pay attention to. A company from Rochester, N.Y. is developing some sort of high-tech paint that can effectively block out unwanted cell phone signals.

NaturalNano’s paint is based on nanotechnology, which is a quickly growing segment of science, working on using sub-microscopic organisms in stain-resistant pants and transparent sunblock. Particles of copper are inserted into “nanotubes”, which are then blended into the paint to deflect radio signals

Because it is based on nanotechnology, the cell phone blocking paint isn’t always in “on” mode, and can rather be “turned on” or “off” at will. NaturalNano president Michael Riedlinger offers an excellent example: “You could use this in a concert hall, allowing cell phones to work before the concert and during breaks, but shutting them down during the performance.” The company also says that it can filter out unwanted signals, while allowing certain transmissions to proceed as normal.

The Wireless Association opposes this technology citing instances, for example, where there is “the brain surgeon who needs notification of emergency surgery? These calls need to get through.” A scheme that selectively blocks calls may even be illegal.



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  1. Although this seems convenient I would hesitate to promote its use as a cell phone signal blocker. Blocking any kind of wireless transmission is illegal in the United states because it is a direct violation of our right to free communication. Should an emergency occur, people need to be able to call emergency services as well as their loved ones. Companies, mainly overseas, have been selling portable cell phone jammers for years, which effectively create a 30 foot bubble of dead zone around you. And while having one of those to use on that guy sitting in the passing lane talking on his phone, the reality is that they are already illegal in the US and have been for years. This nano paint in my mind is no different. Yes, it is very annoying when someone’s cell phone goes off in the middle of a show or during a meal at a restaraunt, but that is their right as US citizens.

  2. I want some information about companies that cell phone blocking paint

  3. I live too close to a communication tower… where can I get some of this paint?

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