Ferrari takes the cover off the 599GTB Fiorano in Geneva


image_39830_largeimagefile Ferrari takes the cover off the 599GTB Fiorano in GenevaFerrari doesn’t need another car to make you drool, but they have unveiled one anyway. The 599GTB Fiorano is being shown off for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show. The two-seater is the most powerful 12-cylinder (!) berlinetta that the company has made.

The Fiorano kicks out 620 horsepower and has an aluminum chassis and bodywork, so it shouldn’t struggle to get up to cruising speed. In fact it goes 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and tops out north of 205 mph. The F1-SuperFast System is the new generation Formula 1 gearbox that speeds up gear changes. If it’s not sporty enough for you as it is, Racing and Track options are available including Carbon Ceramic Material brakes, 20” rims with run-flat tires, four-point harnesses and a cockpit roll-bar.

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