Wireless carriers and Sling Media heading for a fight?

As wireless data improves, wireless carriers are obviously looking towards video as a means of maintaining and increasing revenue. Major carriers are scrambling to line up their own video casting services. In that regard, a major threat to their plans is the Slingbox. People don’t need to pay for video casting when they can do their own video casting for free with just a high speed internet connection at home and a mobile device that can receive the video data. With Slingbox you can watch whatever is on your TV at home wherever you happen to be.

Not surprisingly, the carriers aren’t keen on allowing users to use Slingbox on their phones and devices. Sling Media is trying to work with the major carriers, but so far the carriers don’t seem to willing to play. None of the big players have yet to agree to allow the Slingbox content to be carried on their networks. If the carriers start actively blocking the content, users will not be happy. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out, but you can’t imagine that it will resolve itself without a fight.

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