Virus Alert: First mobile to PC virus found

Virus Alert: First mobile to PC virus found


We just announced that calls were growing for software to fight a potential mobile phone virus, and now, one exists.

According to the IDG News Service, the first virus that can be transmitted from a computer to a mobile device has been found. It jumps the digital ship and starts erasing files at its mobile destination.

The results were released in a report by the Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association (MARA), which was the recipient of the virus but did not give the virus a name. The virus (which is actually a virus and not malware) makes its way through the PC-to-mobile-device connection via Microsoft’s ActiveSync. Specifically, the virus deletes all documents in the My Documents folder in any device that is running Windows CE or Windows Mobile OS. Given the current buzz about the Treo and other hot handhelds, the number of people who might be affected is considerable.

The MARA report said that the virus arrived with a text file that read, “This is proof-of-concept code for educational purposes only. This virus closes the gap between handhelds and desktops, now it’s one big world open to all.”

MARA officials were quick to point out that as far as they knew, they were the only recipients of the virus so far. They promised to make the virus available to antivirus experts.

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