Rolls-Royce unveils 101EX concept coupe at Geneva


image_39937_largeimagefile Rolls-Royce unveils 101EX concept coupe at GenevaI’ve always had this burning desire to own a Rolls-Royce, though I know I likely never will. That desire certainly isn’t any less now that the maker has unveiled the new 101EX coupe concept at the auto show in Geneva. It uses the same aluminum construction techniques that their classic Phantom sedan uses. It also has the same stretched front end that makes a Rolls-Royce look like a Rolls Royce, though the nose is quite unique. The hood is two-toned, owing to brushed aluminum.

The first thing that jumps out when you look at the car are the giant 21 inch wheels. Getting into the car is as fun as looking at it, owing to the suicide doors. The interior has some unique touches as well, most notably the fiber optics strategically located to replicate the stars. There is obviously no word when or even if this car will be manufactured, but it is yet another example of the unique ability of Rolls-Royce to create incredibly elegant machines.

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