Samsung’s double-flipping DMB phone

Samsung’s double-flipping DMB phone


image_40009_largeimagefile Samsung's double-flipping DMB phoneThere really is no match for Korea when it comes to proliferation of this new mobile TV technology. DMB is huge, and it makes sense that the nation’s biggest cell phone maker is jumping all over the market.

Samsung’s latest offering is the SPH-B1300, a DMB handset that flips two ways. It can function like a conventional clamshell, making use of the color display in portrait orientation, or it can also flip up on the side to give you landscape viewing. Perfect for watching videos, don’t you think?

The Samsung SPH-B1300 comes packed with features, above and beyond its DMB functionality. Look for a two megapixel digital camera and a built-in MP3 player as well.

It seems the handset will be picked up by KTF in Korea, but it is unlikely that it will be released outside of that country. Look for more details surrounding the Samsung SPH-B3100 when the company showcases the DMB mobile phone at next week’s CeBit 2006 show.

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