Pantech’s funky new concept phones

Pantech’s funky new concept phones


image_40048_largeimagefile Pantech's funky new concept phonesPantech may be huge in its home of Korea, but the company is starting to make massive strides to penetrate other markets – both the chic and high-tech preferences of North America and Europe, as well as the low-cost needs of emerging markets like India – and in trying to differentiate itself from its competitors, Pantech is parading around a wide array of concept phones for our drooling and gawking pleasure.

The designs may seem a little out there, but these are exactly the “unique” form factors that are growing in popularity because if you walk around with one of these on your ear, you will definitely stand out from the standard cell phone crowd.

Among the highlights are the following:

  • Cancro: an iPod-like unit with DMB
  • Echo: a digital camera-like design
  • Libro: tilt and slide with DMB
  • Muse: “a sporty spinner”
  • My Music: self-explanatory
  • Phone Theater: a slider with a tube speaker dock
  • Transformer: widescreen LCD with kickstand

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