Microtune 3-in-1 TV tuner breaks the cost and size barrier


image_40091_largeimagefile Microtune 3-in-1 TV tuner breaks the cost and size barrierMicrotune Inc. has unveiled a breakthrough 3-in-1 TV tuner for high-end digital TV reception, the most amazing thing about this chip is that it can fit through the center of a Fruit Loop. It’s so small, about 65% of the size of traditional tuner cans, this is the ultimate chip for personal video recorders, portable DVD players, multimedia cards and PC-TV adaptors.

The MT2131 delivers performance that exceeds all three existing U.S. TV requirements; ATSC, NTSC and Digital Cable Ready (DCR). This chip, all on its own, elimates over 100 components that would normally be required in a device, and it will only cost manufacturers about $3.00 each.

Microtune is sending out samples now, no word on when we will actually see it inside something fancy.

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