Ferrari Driving Experience comes to Canada


image_40013_largeimagefile Ferrari Driving Experience comes to CanadaFerrari has opened a new driving school in Canada called “The Ferrari Driving Experience”. It will take place at the Mont Tremblant track in Quebec, located near the ski and lake resort town just 85 miles from Montreal. All training during the program will take place in F430s. Students will learn to control acceleration, discover ‘the limits of adhesion” in various conditions and master threshold braking.

The classes are limited to 15 students at a time. There is a classroom component, but the majority of the time will be spent on the track. You’d expect to spend a bunch of time in a Ferrari after you pay $8,200 for the two-day experience. That price, which includes a night in the luxurious Quintessence Hotel, seems incredibly steep, especially when compared to other high end driving schools. Then again you do get to drive Ferraris. If you can afford a Ferrari you probably aren’t concerned about the price of this class anyway.

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