Alfa Romeo 159 now a Sportwagon

Alfa Romeo 159 now a Sportwagon


image_40050_largeimagefile Alfa Romeo 159 now a SportwagonBased on the 159 sedan, the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon comes in at the same length of 183.5 inches, which is about the same as an Acura TSX. This is far from being the old 1970s family station wagon, and is more in line with the recent trend of “sporty wagons”, hence its name.

You’ll have plenty of choices as far as what engine you want the people at Alfa Romeo to shove under the hood; six in total, actually. The three gasoline powerplants available can put out anywhere from 160hp to 260hp, with the higher-end available with all-wheel-drive as an option. The popular turbo-diesel route is also addressed with three engines ranging from 120hp to 200hp.

For more of a sense of control, you might opt for the six-speed manual transmission, but for an easier, more carefree ride, you might turn to the six-speed manu-matic instead. No word on price or launch date for the 2007 Alfa Romeo Sportwagon, a likely Europe-only model.

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