Sony VAIO VN-CX1 VoIP mouse, er… phone

Sony VAIO VN-CX1 VoIP mouse, er… phone


image_40245_largeimagefile Sony VAIO VN-CX1 VoIP mouse, er... phoneWhy have two devices when you can have only one?

With voice calling via the Internet on the rise, Sony brings to market the VAIO VN-CX1 VoIP mouse, an ingenious device that lets your mouse double as an Internet phone. Just push a button at the side of the mouse and ta-dah!, it flips open to function as a VoIP phone.

The VAIO VN-CX1 functions just like any optical mouse, but offers an 800dpi resolution for greater accuracy. As a VoIP phone, LED on the surface lights up to inform the user if a call is coming in. If you prefer, you can also set up the VAIO VN-CX1 to ring. While taking a call, the scroll wheel is used for volume control and mute functions.

For private conversations, just pick up the VoIP phone and talk away. However, you can also set the unit in hand-free mode for conference calls.

Installation is easy. All you need is a USB connection to a desktop or laptop that has Internet access and install a required driver.

The Sony VAIO VN-CX1 VoIP mouse is set to hit retail stores in the UK in March 2006 and will cost about £55.

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