Sale of second hand electronics banned in Japan


image_40329_largeimagefile Sale of second hand electronics banned in JapanSelling second hand consumer electronics goods is a pretty common and somewhat lucrative trade to engage in. For the seller, he gets extra funds for his future purchase. For the buyer, he gets a used but still working product at a price he can afford. A win-win situation that is not shared by electronics manufacturers. As a result, effective April 1, 2006, ALL electronics products manufactured prior to 2001 will no longer be allowed to be sold in the second hand market.

Of course, as early as now, people already predict that the law will be circumvented and the 2nd hand market may simply just go ‘underground’. By the way, if you are wondering what reason the Japanese government is issuing for the new law, it is claiming ‘security reasons on anything electronical’.

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