Globalsat unleashes GPS wristwatch

Globalsat unleashes GPS wristwatch


image_40257_largeimagefile Globalsat unleashes GPS wristwatchI don’t know about you, but for me, the new GH-601 and GH604 wristwatch GPS units from Globalsat of Taiwan bear a striking resemblance to a few things from Garmin’s line. When you head into a certain market, you’re bound to come across similar looking models, and portable GPS is no different, I suppose.

Powered by the SiRFStar III high performance GPS chipset, these new gadgets are designed to take it all. They’re fully sealed, waterproof, and perfect for all your outdoor adventures, from jogging and biking to defending the Earth from little green men. After all, the neon green exterior is bound to throw off any Martian. You can also grab one in red or yellow.

Both units come with an integrated GPS antenna, a big monochrome 24.9mm x 39.88mm display, USB interface for history logs, and a built-in lithium ion battery, but the GH-602 adds an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. You’ll get 70 hours of juice if you don’t use any of those functions, but only about 16 if you crank on the GPS alone. Expect battery life to dwindle further if you use the compass and altimeter too.

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