Bluetrek X2 Bluetooth headset for extreme conditions

Bluetrek X2 Bluetooth headset for extreme conditions


image_40273_largeimagefile Bluetrek X2 Bluetooth headset for extreme conditionsWith everybody making things smaller and smaller these days, a growing concern among consumers is just how durable are these easy to snap apart devices. To endure the harsh rugged conditions of outdoor use, Bluetrek is set to release the X2 Bluetooth headset, designed specifically for use in “extreme conditions”.

Happen to find yourself face-first in a river? Or more likely stuck walking in the rain? No problem, the X2 is water-resistant. In fact, it’s shock resistant and weather-proof as well, so it can stay right there with you as you trek through the harsh climates of urbania.

Bluetrek didn’t cheap out on the features and specifications on the X2 either, as you’ll still get up to 14 hours of talk time, and a whooping 500 hours (that’s 3 weeks) of standby. Despite the fact that its main selling point is its durability, this headset keeps weight down (15g) and sound quality up. It even comes with a customisable system of loops and hooks to fit just about any shape or size of ear.

“Targeted for the active young market segment”, the Bluetrek X2 will be available early next month at a price in the $80-$100 range. Look for more from Bluetrek at CeBIT.

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