Text messaging causes strain injuries

Text messaging causes strain injuries


A survey conducted for Virgin Mobile reveals that the high popularity of sending SMS messages are making Britons suffer from strain injuries.

Everyday, more than 93.5 million text messages are sent in Britain, making text messaging a popular mode of communication. However, all this finger action is causing a lot of people to report cases of repetitive strain injury or RSI. That’s not all, compared to five years ago, 38% more people complain of sore wrists and thumbs as a result of SMS’ing. Furthermore, 3.8 million people report of text-related injuries annually.

Despite these findings, there seems to be no letting up on the texting phenomenon. Currently, more than 12% of the population send 20 text messages daily, while 10% claim to send up to 100 SMS messages every day.

All this texting may be great for easier communication but some psychologists think that using texting tools is making people less and less comfortable with face-to-face conversations.

And remember, prevention is the best medicine, warm up and stretch those thumbs before a hefty day of texting.

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